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Why does that person have a melon for a skull?

So I grabbed a bunch of movies and TV shows recently and one of them was Alien Nation. I started off watching the theatrical release of the first movie with Mandy Patinkin (Dead Like Me) playing the Newcomer Detective Sam “George” Fransisco and James Caan (Rollerball – the good one) playing the bigot with a heart of gold, Detective Mathew Sykes and jumped right into the series which is awesome so far.  I am five episodes in and I have to say that for an early Fox network show from the late 80’s it touches on some pretty sensitive subjects like racism, alien-human relationships, and slavery.  It sheds some light on some issues we have as a species over the course of the show while George, played by Eric Pierpoint, and his partner Matt, played by Gary Graham, bust punks both human and newcomer.  And even though the series only lasted one season before Fox, doing what it does best, canceled the highly successful program (supposedly due to budget issues with their current lineup of drama related shows) it spawned five TV movies.  And all I know is that for one season to spawn five TV movies they must have been doing something right and I completely agree so far.

The quest for new boots

So I am looking at buying some new boots.  The brown leather Timberland’s I have had for three years are starting to get a little snug and am looking to get a wider measured shoe.  In comes my first choice, the Double-H 10″ Harness Boot in black.  They come in my size (13) and are offered in D, EE, and EEE.  For those of you who haven’t spent the last two days looking over size charts and width explanations, D is considered Medium width while E and up are considered Wide width.  Each additional E adds on a few millimeters to the width.  The Double-H Harness boots that I am looking to get are made of Longhorn Leather and have a Goodyear welt on the base of the boot just under the rubber sole.  This allows the boot to be re-soled without risk of it losing its shape.  This means they will be with me for many years to come.

I plan on purchasing these once I get paid from my new job. So probably around the middle of November. If I get the sizing right they should be awesome.

Pic/Link after the break.

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Spec Ops, or How To Play Battletech With A Battalion

Spec Ops is a sweet book.  I will admit I have only skimmed it but there are some cool rules for large scale Battletech games in there.  I am currently trying to get the time to site down and pick a battalion sized force to face off against a buddy of mine who runs (or SHOULD BE RUNNING!!!!) our Battletech RPG game.  I came up with 630 points as our pool for purchasing units and I think it should make things interesting.  I will try and take some picks when we actually get to playing but it might be a week or two since I am starting a new job next week.


Pic is related as it is titled Spec Ops as well as it is super awesome.  The guy who drew it is named FlyingDebris and he does a lot of Battletech stuff and is worth checking out.  Here is a link to his profile on

My new hobby

I recently took up lockpicking again. I had tried my hand at it a while ago and never had much success at it. After being at it again, I have learned my two main downfalls when I had attempted it a year or two ago. My first and biggest mistake was not using real tools. I thought I could get by using a bent paperclip as a tension wrench and a cheap large diamond pick I picked up somewhere. To rectify this I bought a fairly cheap southord 8 piece set. This gave me a nice small diamond and short hook. There were real tension wrenches and an S rake and city rake. Having real tension wrenches helps greatly as you can better feel the feedback from pins. This becomes very importand when you begin to encounter security pins. These nasty buggers are top pins (in real nasty locks the bottom pins can also be security pins) that have notches to make you think the pin is set at the shear line or ledges that produce a false set or a combo of both.

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Lucky me

It seems that the over the air update that was tocontain multi-touch support for the native Google Apps on the Nexus One was released the same day my phone arrived. Lucky me 🙂

We are going back.. to the future!

Hello and welcome back.  We had to take a short break due to the COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF INTELLIGENCE of the Verizon billing robot.  That’s right!  The service that hosts this here site was suspended because some asshole at Verizon decided I would like the automatic billing I had setup to be disabled and my bill provided in paper form (which was never actually sent to me).  Of course the Verizon Retard Billing Bot 9000a said “okie dilly okie” and made the unwanted change to my account.  It then, like the dumbshit system it is, failed to notify me that the change was made (which would of allowed me to correct the situation with a simple 2 hour phone call) and I went along with my merry life thinking that my bill was in order as it had been for the last two years.

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Nexus One has arrived

Yay! The mobile OS I have been drooling over for so long is finally in my possession. The new Google branded and distributed phone titled the Nexus One arrived on my door step today and I couldn’t be happier. I am currently working through a configuration issue with my Google hosted domain account which the phone is configured with and picasa. I can’t seem to get pictures to load sync to myweb album but I’m sure ill figure it out. Keep an eye for posts on cool apps and other android related awesomeness.

Argg! FEDEX sucks

Ok so I was expecting an order today and low and behold FedEx updates the tracking information with “Customer not available or business closed”. Bullshit. My house has 7 cars outside and about 16 people inside and we weren’t available? I call BS! Unless he knocked on the door with rainbows and snuggles instead of knuckles like everyone else I know uses, we would of signed and I would have my package. As it currently goes, I wont have it until the 26th. My rage meter is currently at 87%.

Mini Construction…

Ok, so I have alot of unpinned minis that I need to put together and paint.  But I am currently focusing on my Battletech Mechs as well as some minis appropriate for use in the RPG portion of BTech.  Here is a pic of my mini contruction area.  Its alot more room than I had a few weeks ago.  I cleaned out a stack of game boxes and those paints and sculpting tools used to be in a box that took up a shit load of space.  I will provide some pics of the construction process when I get a chance.  Their after the break.

Mech Bay

Here's where the magic happens.

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Short story

Once there was a robot made of gold. He had a half brother who happened to be Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was a world class ninja who also could rock out on his sweet 8 string axe (most ninjai are adept guitar players). On a cold Thursday afternoon, Dr. Robotnik killed the golden robot brother of Charlie Sheen. He eat the sweet golden robot flesh and found joy in destroying Charlie Sheen’s happiness. Charlie Sheen used massive ninja powers to enter the shadow lands to track down his brothers killer. There he me his father who had been thought dead by his family. It turns out his father had forgoten where he left his keys had been lookingfor them all accross the world all this time. Happy reuinited, Charlie Sheen used ancient ninja magics to summon a key beast from Vorgon IV. Together him and his father killed the beast and in it’s endless gullet, they found the long lost keys of Papa Sheen. Quest completed, Papa Sheen joined Charlie Sheen on his hunt for Dr. Robotnik.