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Packet loss gifted by the gods of hate.

So after I spent an entire day cleaning my room and dismantling a old bunk bed, I was able to free up 40% of my room back.  This means I wont be sleeping on the floor but in a real bed.  It also means that I will be able to actually move around my room and store all my shit in an orderly fashion instead of my current Jenga like method where I need to pull the item I need carefully out of the giant stack I have been forced to store items in.

With all this new space on the right side of my room I could not keep the left side looking as bad as it was.  With two decomissioned servers being used as impromptu tables and old PC cases and a large 19in CRT monitor that had not seen the light of day in 8 years in a dust covered grave under my workbench, I decided to clean up everything on that side as well.  Starting with my workbench, I was able to strip and dispose of three PCs/cases and the monitor cleaning up all of the space under the desk and almost all of the workbench.  After a quick trip to Walmart to grab some plastic storage containers and I was able to tuck away all my spare parts and cables out of the way and out of sight under the desk.  Then it was a simple matter of re-arranging all the miscellaneous junk around and on my computer desk into a neat little set of drawers.  So while I had all this space and my two online servers in the same area I decided to relocate my 24 port Gigabit switch and my little embedded wrap board running pfSense.  So after some wire-fu I was able to get everything neat and clean looking but Oh No, I can’t hit anything with my browser.  A quick couple of pings confirmed that I was experiecing massive packet loss in the range of 50% – 75%.  I eventually narrowed it down to either the WAN port on the pfSense device or the ONT outside where the fiber terminates.  I luckily have two different ONTs outside each with a Cat5e handoff.  One was from residential TV server back in the day when they could not server TV VOD data over an account with a static IP.  I ran outside and swapped the network cables between the ONT’s and ran back upstairs to see if the cable was the issue.  I received the same massive amount of dropped packets.  Just to ease my mind I re-crimped the the shoddy job done on the Cat5e cables running outside to the ONT’s but no change in connectivity.  At this time it was 3am and time for me to give up for the night.

While at work I spoke with a co-worker who asked if I tried to ping the ONT since I ruled out line issues on my end.  I had to admit that in my tired, sleep deprived state the thought had not even crossed my mind.  I arrived home and set about pinging the ONT.  Sure enough I saw the same horrible, evil packet loss.  At this point I was confident I could make my case to Verizon if they gave me shit about replacing it if there wasn’t anything they could do from their side so I picked up the phone and gave them a ring.  Having dealt with Verizon in the past having to play phone tag and the ever classic game “blind transfer me to the the pits of hell” I settled my heart and mind and prepared for a call that would take me to the brink of suicide (see my previous ordeal with Verizon support).  To my surprise I was actually routed to the business support for fios.  The gentleman I spoke with listened to my findings and attempted to reboot the ONT to see if that would fix the issue and when it didnt he took my number  and said he was going to get on the line with the Fiber Support Center as they are able to interact with the ONT on a config level and he was really only able to reboot it.  He said he would call me back when they had it worked out and the hung up.  After about 5 minutes my continuous pings to (Verizon Public DNS) and (Google Public DNS) began to respond more consistently.  I never did receive a call-back informing me they fixed it but I must say that was one of the easiest Verizon support call I have ever  had to make.  Except for when they first rolled out Fios and you got to speak with the Fiber Support Center right off the batl

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