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Exalted Character Concept: Eclipse Caste

This is a rough, rough idea for an Eclipse caste PC for an Exalted game I might play in.  I will post a fleshed out concept as well as some specifics about the character when I have them done.

I am the son of wealthy family who produced and exported exotic fragrances and exquisite alcholic beverages across the land.  My family was framed by a group of nobleman and royal who secretly are trying to privatize all trade so they can set pricing across the entire land and can effectively manipulate the economy as they see fit.  They framed my father, stating he was manufacturing poisons for some unnamed guild of assassins or something equally preposterous.  There was never any evidence and no charges where officially presented but the rumors where enough to hurt our business enough to the point where my father was forced to sell at a fraction of what it was worth.  My father killed himself shortly after and I have been taking care of my mother and living off the money we were given for the sale of our company for the last three years.  The money wont last for ever and my need for vengeance is to great so I have joined with a thief and I attempt to make a profit from stealing.  Always on the lookout for companies that could be owned by the men who ruined my family and trying to rob them blind.  My epic quest is to ruin all of them financially.

Why does that person have a melon for a skull?

So I grabbed a bunch of movies and TV shows recently and one of them was Alien Nation. I started off watching the theatrical release of the first movie with Mandy Patinkin (Dead Like Me) playing the Newcomer Detective Sam “George” Fransisco and James Caan (Rollerball – the good one) playing the bigot with a heart of gold, Detective Mathew Sykes and jumped right into the series which is awesome so far.  I am five episodes in and I have to say that for an early Fox network show from the late 80’s it touches on some pretty sensitive subjects like racism, alien-human relationships, and slavery.  It sheds some light on some issues we have as a species over the course of the show while George, played by Eric Pierpoint, and his partner Matt, played by Gary Graham, bust punks both human and newcomer.  And even though the series only lasted one season before Fox, doing what it does best, canceled the highly successful program (supposedly due to budget issues with their current lineup of drama related shows) it spawned five TV movies.  And all I know is that for one season to spawn five TV movies they must have been doing something right and I completely agree so far.

The quest for new boots

So I am looking at buying some new boots.  The brown leather Timberland’s I have had for three years are starting to get a little snug and am looking to get a wider measured shoe.  In comes my first choice, the Double-H 10″ Harness Boot in black.  They come in my size (13) and are offered in D, EE, and EEE.  For those of you who haven’t spent the last two days looking over size charts and width explanations, D is considered Medium width while E and up are considered Wide width.  Each additional E adds on a few millimeters to the width.  The Double-H Harness boots that I am looking to get are made of Longhorn Leather and have a Goodyear welt on the base of the boot just under the rubber sole.  This allows the boot to be re-soled without risk of it losing its shape.  This means they will be with me for many years to come.

I plan on purchasing these once I get paid from my new job. So probably around the middle of November. If I get the sizing right they should be awesome.

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Spec Ops, or How To Play Battletech With A Battalion

Spec Ops is a sweet book.  I will admit I have only skimmed it but there are some cool rules for large scale Battletech games in there.  I am currently trying to get the time to site down and pick a battalion sized force to face off against a buddy of mine who runs (or SHOULD BE RUNNING!!!!) our Battletech RPG game.  I came up with 630 points as our pool for purchasing units and I think it should make things interesting.  I will try and take some picks when we actually get to playing but it might be a week or two since I am starting a new job next week.


Pic is related as it is titled Spec Ops as well as it is super awesome.  The guy who drew it is named FlyingDebris and he does a lot of Battletech stuff and is worth checking out.  Here is a link to his profile on