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My new hobby

I recently took up lockpicking again. I had tried my hand at it a while ago and never had much success at it. After being at it again, I have learned my two main downfalls when I had attempted it a year or two ago. My first and biggest mistake was not using real tools. I thought I could get by using a bent paperclip as a tension wrench and a cheap large diamond pick I picked up somewhere. To rectify this I bought a fairly cheap southord 8 piece set. This gave me a nice small diamond and short hook. There were real tension wrenches and an S rake and city rake. Having real tension wrenches helps greatly as you can better feel the feedback from pins. This becomes very importand when you begin to encounter security pins. These nasty buggers are top pins (in real nasty locks the bottom pins can also be security pins) that have notches to make you think the pin is set at the shear line or ledges that produce a false set or a combo of both.

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