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Lucky me

It seems that the over the air update that was tocontain multi-touch support for the native Google Apps on the Nexus One was released the same day my phone arrived. Lucky me 🙂

We are going back.. to the future!

Hello and welcome back.  We had to take a short break due to the COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF INTELLIGENCE of the Verizon billing robot.  That’s right!  The service that hosts this here site was suspended because some asshole at Verizon decided I would like the automatic billing I had setup to be disabled and my bill provided in paper form (which was never actually sent to me).  Of course the Verizon Retard Billing Bot 9000a said “okie dilly okie” and made the unwanted change to my account.  It then, like the dumbshit system it is, failed to notify me that the change was made (which would of allowed me to correct the situation with a simple 2 hour phone call) and I went along with my merry life thinking that my bill was in order as it had been for the last two years.

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Nexus One has arrived

Yay! The mobile OS I have been drooling over for so long is finally in my possession. The new Google branded and distributed phone titled the Nexus One arrived on my door step today and I couldn’t be happier. I am currently working through a configuration issue with my Google hosted domain account which the phone is configured with and picasa. I can’t seem to get pictures to load sync to myweb album but I’m sure ill figure it out. Keep an eye for posts on cool apps and other android related awesomeness.