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Feeling up Androids

I have been thinking of getting the G1 as the android platform looks amazing. I really like that you can install applications from outside of their version of an app store (called “market place”). I have already seen an app that will never be available on the iPhone which I think many people would like (not me, I would never download movies or games ;P). The application allows users to scan the bar code of a product (movie, book, game, cd) and it then finds a torrent of that prduct. That torrent can then automaticaly be uploaded to a pc running utorrent. I think that is amazing. From what I have gathered about the platform, you can build upon and utilize other peoples applications. For example, there is an app that again utilizes the bar code scanner to then lookup the price of the scanned product at online stores as well as local stores. It then can plot the stores on the map application. You can find the closest store and see the product price at that location. Directions from your current location can then be obtained and you can call the store to ensure the product is in stock. I really like that type of integration with other apps. And I really can’t wait to see what type of applications are developed in the comming months. I had contemplated purchasing and unlocked G1 and using it on the gsm network with AT&T as the phone uses the 2100 band for 3G conections. But the more I think about it, the more I think I might wait for an android phone to come to AT&T. In the mean time I guess I will dust off my java book from highschool and play around with the Android SDK.