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Major overhaul of the Gibb’s home network.

Well I finally sucked it up and purchased a business account for Verizon Fios internet service. I’m forking over a pretty penny every month but I am coming out of the deal with a static IP and massive upload speeds. The package I ended up getting was the 15/2 mb/s Fios Business service with a static IP. That alone is around 120$ I believe but if you sign a small contract stating you agree to 2 years with Verizon’s service they bump the price down to $99 a month.

They also provide you with an Actiontec router. They will do the job for home users who surf the web and check email. But for users who are making a large amount of connection via web hosting and other services, these routers fail. They have a very small NAT table and after a certain amount of connections, the router will stop transmitting data and will need to be rebooted to wipe out the table holding all those open connections. If your going to be hosting websites or even downloading data via Bittorrent go spend some money and get a decent router, or build your own. But that is for a later discussion.

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