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DD_WRT == Awesome

I decided to postpone the construction of a firewall until I get GibbTV fully up and running. So I decided to checkout DD-WRT, a free 3rd party Linux based router firmware commonly used in place of factory shipped Linksys firmware for their WRT45G/S routers. It can be used with other brands of routers as well. Check out the DD-WRT Wiki for a full list of supported hardware and installation procedures. If you have a router that is supported by DD-WRT and you think you are capable of following direction then go for it. Take a walk on the wild side and risk bricking your router. If you succeed then you’ll get access to features you only find on expensive business class routers.

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CPU Fan Blues :(

Well, I transfered GibbTV into the new case that arrived Monday. I made everything nice and pretty on the inside of the case and then reconnected the power and other assorted cables. But to my dismay the system board decides that the CPU isn’t properly cooled and proceeded to shut down. I immediately knew the reason for this erratic behavior and flipped “shit”. The CPU originally used a large 90mm fan mounted to the back of the old Media Center case in conjunction with a plastic guard to funnel air directly away from the aluminum heat sink on top of the CPU. That 90mm fan plugged directly into the CPU fan “pins” on the system board and they made a big happy family. Now I go and replace that 90mm fan with 2x 60mm fans mounted 2 inches from the CPU using the power supply as their power source and all hell breaks loose. Read the rest of this entry »

The Battle Against MythTV…

I spent a good portion of this weekend fighting MythTV. I have encountered many obstructions on the back roads of DVR supremacy. I am able to display live TV on my 27″ LCD HDTV but it is significantly smaller that the resolution on my TV. I have altered the MythTV GUI settings to accommodate the resolution of my TV but the image size never really changes. I will be investigating the capture card settings when I get home.

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Well tomorrow is the start of another adventure in Valhalla. Last week we found to gentlemen who were trying to defend themselves from one of the many local creatures in this fantasy world created by my friend Peerless. With our need of soul gems so high and the two adventures obviously distracted, we decided to initiate combat and hopped the large bird like creature they were fighting would pose a large enough distraction to provide me and the rest of my party with the upper hand. Unfortunately we were wrong and paid dearly for our foolishness. My character and and the character of my friend Anon were struck down by only one of our opponents. They were skilled enough to not even consider us a threat worthy of their undivided attention.

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Construction on the box that shall become GibbTV has begun. It is a HP PC854n Media Center PC that I’m stripping down and throwing in this box to make everything pretty. Then since it came with a cheap no-name brand tuner card that isn’t supported by MythTV (the DVR software that I will be running on this box), I am adding a new Hauppauge PVR-150 MCE Tuner Card. The I thought to myself “Hey! This new DVR box is gonna look pretty snazzy. Why do I want to disturb the overall coolness of it by using it with a shitty 13″ Samsung TV?” So I went ahead and purchased a TV worthy of becoming the forefront of GibbTV, a 27″ LCD HDTV from Olevia.

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Dream Server

dl580I was thinking about what I would blow my money on if I had money to blow and I decided on a DL580. I can’t say that I would need a DL580 but I’m sure I could think up some server roles that it could play.

In a perfect world I would transfer the roles of my current tfluxbox to the DL580. Run a DC on it and turn tfluxbox into an exchange server. Oh well, I’ll see if I get offered an appropriate raise before I start defining the specific roles of my dream server.

Liguid_Gibb shall flow once again!!!

I plan to develop this site as quickly as possible. Look for this site to develop fast. The liquid_Gibb shall flow!!!