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4ed Character Blog

Well as you all may have seen, 4th edition is out and about.  With this new release comes new campaigns and new characters.  It is for that reason I have decided to begin setting up a character blog for my 4th edition Dragonborn Rogue.  With this, I will chronicle his adventures as well as those of his companions.  Look for this to be making it’s way onto my list of things to do in the near future.

Worthy of notice by LOLcutus

I stumbled upon this while looking for videos of miniature painting and sculpting. I give it all the Lulz.



Well tomorrow is the start of another adventure in Valhalla. Last week we found to gentlemen who were trying to defend themselves from one of the many local creatures in this fantasy world created by my friend Peerless. With our need of soul gems so high and the two adventures obviously distracted, we decided to initiate combat and hopped the large bird like creature they were fighting would pose a large enough distraction to provide me and the rest of my party with the upper hand. Unfortunately we were wrong and paid dearly for our foolishness. My character and and the character of my friend Anon were struck down by only one of our opponents. They were skilled enough to not even consider us a threat worthy of their undivided attention.

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