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^[[O and ^[[I Haunts me!!!

So I noticed today that if I detach a tmux session and then switch between my terminal (iTerm2) and other windows, ^[[O gets printed to the terminal when focus changes and ^[[I when focus returns to the terminal. This bugged the hell out of me. Particularly when jumping into another tmux session with vim running. Now if I enter Insert Mode and jump to Chrome to look at something, or in my case today jumping into an email with some code I wanted to copy, and I jump back to my terminal running tmux and vim I paste from my clipboard – everything gets crazy. Since ^[[O and ^[[I get sent to vim when leaving and returning, vim drops out of Insert Mode (and Visual Mode blah blah blah) and pasting is a shit show. I spent an hour just remembering to re-enter the mode I was in when I refocused to my terminal but it got old fast. Killing iTerm2 would return expected behavior until I detached a tmux session again. Hitting Ctrl+R in iTerm2 would resolve the issue until again, a tmux session was detached. Thanks to the following links below I was able to find that a ticket was recently opened with the tmux developer over at sourceforge and a fix was pushed up to master to correct an issue where tmux was keeping focus enabled after detaching a session.

Here is the diff of what fixed it.

diff --git a/tty.c b/tty.c
index 9f57c36..534d239 100644
--- a/tty.c
+++ b/tty.c
@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ tty_stop_tty(struct tty *tty)
if (tty_term_has(tty->term, TTYC_XT)) {
if (tty->flags & TTY_FOCUS) {
tty->flags &= ~TTY_FOCUS;
- tty_puts(tty, "\033[?1004l");
+ tty_raw(tty, "\033[?1004l");

If you installed tmux via Homebrew you can do what I did and remove tmux_1.9a and instead run brew install --HEAD tmux to build from master instead of using the tarball from 2014.

Talk like a Yarr!!!

My pirate name is:
Mad Sam Kidd

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MDADM Raid5 + LVM migration to Centos 6.3

So time had come to do something about my raid.  I had been limping along for sometime now nursing 100GB free on my 4TB software raid and had purchased two additional WD 1TB Caviar Black drives bringing my device count up to 7 physical disks (the two new drives currently added as hot-spares).  It then dawned on me that maybe now would be a good time to migrate my raid level to raid6.  But as with most things in life, things eventually hit a speed bump.  Seems my trusty do-it-all storage server was unable to change the raid level of /dev/md0 due to a limitation between kernel and mdadm versions I was running on a dated Centos 5.8 install.  I decided to do several things.

  1. Move to Centos 6.3
  2. Run a newer version of MDADM (3.0+)
  3. Migrate current raid and LVM config to new install
  4. Not loose years of data.

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And Gibbling Sed “/s *Let their be non-standard ssh/Ports/”

We are working to automate as much as we can in regards to environment provisioning so naturally we began looking at some automation tools like Pupppy and Chef.  We hope to assign all the little things that need to be done to a fresh install of CentOS before we can give it to a team of devs.  One of these things is uncommenting Port 22 from /etc/ssh/sshd_config and configuring a nonstandard port.  With Chef I can have a recipe that can simply run a command or it can pulldown and install packages, modify attributes, generate users and a hell of alot more.  Depending on your Ruby knowledge you can automate almost anything.  I simply wanted to run a command to replace #Port 22 with Port 2202. This is where sed comes into play. I can simply have a recipe run sed -i.backup "s/^ *.*Port .*/Port 2202/" /etc/ssh/sshd_config and I’m that much closer to simply kicking off a knife bootstrap and watching all the little mundane things that need to be done to a minty fresh install.

Why does that person have a melon for a skull?

So I grabbed a bunch of movies and TV shows recently and one of them was Alien Nation. I started off watching the theatrical release of the first movie with Mandy Patinkin (Dead Like Me) playing the Newcomer Detective Sam “George” Fransisco and James Caan (Rollerball – the good one) playing the bigot with a heart of gold, Detective Mathew Sykes and jumped right into the series which is awesome so far.  I am five episodes in and I have to say that for an early Fox network show from the late 80’s it touches on some pretty sensitive subjects like racism, alien-human relationships, and slavery.  It sheds some light on some issues we have as a species over the course of the show while George, played by Eric Pierpoint, and his partner Matt, played by Gary Graham, bust punks both human and newcomer.  And even though the series only lasted one season before Fox, doing what it does best, canceled the highly successful program (supposedly due to budget issues with their current lineup of drama related shows) it spawned five TV movies.  And all I know is that for one season to spawn five TV movies they must have been doing something right and I completely agree so far.

The quest for new boots

So I am looking at buying some new boots.  The brown leather Timberland’s I have had for three years are starting to get a little snug and am looking to get a wider measured shoe.  In comes my first choice, the Double-H 10″ Harness Boot in black.  They come in my size (13) and are offered in D, EE, and EEE.  For those of you who haven’t spent the last two days looking over size charts and width explanations, D is considered Medium width while E and up are considered Wide width.  Each additional E adds on a few millimeters to the width.  The Double-H Harness boots that I am looking to get are made of Longhorn Leather and have a Goodyear welt on the base of the boot just under the rubber sole.  This allows the boot to be re-soled without risk of it losing its shape.  This means they will be with me for many years to come.

I plan on purchasing these once I get paid from my new job. So probably around the middle of November. If I get the sizing right they should be awesome.

Pic/Link after the break.

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We are going back.. to the future!

Hello and welcome back.  We had to take a short break due to the COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF INTELLIGENCE of the Verizon billing robot.  That’s right!  The service that hosts this here site was suspended because some asshole at Verizon decided I would like the automatic billing I had setup to be disabled and my bill provided in paper form (which was never actually sent to me).  Of course the Verizon Retard Billing Bot 9000a said “okie dilly okie” and made the unwanted change to my account.  It then, like the dumbshit system it is, failed to notify me that the change was made (which would of allowed me to correct the situation with a simple 2 hour phone call) and I went along with my merry life thinking that my bill was in order as it had been for the last two years.

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Nexus One has arrived

Yay! The mobile OS I have been drooling over for so long is finally in my possession. The new Google branded and distributed phone titled the Nexus One arrived on my door step today and I couldn’t be happier. I am currently working through a configuration issue with my Google hosted domain account which the phone is configured with and picasa. I can’t seem to get pictures to load sync to myweb album but I’m sure ill figure it out. Keep an eye for posts on cool apps and other android related awesomeness.

Short story

Once there was a robot made of gold. He had a half brother who happened to be Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was a world class ninja who also could rock out on his sweet 8 string axe (most ninjai are adept guitar players). On a cold Thursday afternoon, Dr. Robotnik killed the golden robot brother of Charlie Sheen. He eat the sweet golden robot flesh and found joy in destroying Charlie Sheen’s happiness. Charlie Sheen used massive ninja powers to enter the shadow lands to track down his brothers killer. There he me his father who had been thought dead by his family. It turns out his father had forgoten where he left his keys had been lookingfor them all accross the world all this time. Happy reuinited, Charlie Sheen used ancient ninja magics to summon a key beast from Vorgon IV. Together him and his father killed the beast and in it’s endless gullet, they found the long lost keys of Papa Sheen. Quest completed, Papa Sheen joined Charlie Sheen on his hunt for Dr. Robotnik.

Firefox… The Betrayal!

I had been battling a frustrating problem with my install of firefox on my HP nx7400 (Ubuntu 9.04). I have had Ubuntu on this laptop since 7.04 Beta and have had very few issues post upgrade. The upgrade to 9.04 was as easy as the others and I had no issues post upgrade this time. Shortly after I decided to get my feet wet with WPA pass-phrase cracking. I had installed SQLite-3.0.4 via an .lzm so I could compile aircrack-ng with airolib-ng. Everything worked fine until a recent update on the 24th of July. It seems something had broken my firefox and left me with an annoying problem that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

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