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Exalted Character Concept: Eclipse Caste

This is a rough, rough idea for an Eclipse caste PC for an Exalted game I might play in.  I will post a fleshed out concept as well as some specifics about the character when I have them done.

I am the son of wealthy family who produced and exported exotic fragrances and exquisite alcholic beverages across the land.  My family was framed by a group of nobleman and royal who secretly are trying to privatize all trade so they can set pricing across the entire land and can effectively manipulate the economy as they see fit.  They framed my father, stating he was manufacturing poisons for some unnamed guild of assassins or something equally preposterous.  There was never any evidence and no charges where officially presented but the rumors where enough to hurt our business enough to the point where my father was forced to sell at a fraction of what it was worth.  My father killed himself shortly after and I have been taking care of my mother and living off the money we were given for the sale of our company for the last three years.  The money wont last for ever and my need for vengeance is to great so I have joined with a thief and I attempt to make a profit from stealing.  Always on the lookout for companies that could be owned by the men who ruined my family and trying to rob them blind.  My epic quest is to ruin all of them financially.