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Materia Magica and the Lost Scripts

So I have been playing a MUD named Materia Magica off and on for several years now.  Well, basically since the start end of middle school / start of high school when I got my first PC (my very own that I built with my own two hands).  And I started off using zMud since it was one of the best know windows MUD clients at the time , still is actually.  I had some basic scripts for that client.  Simple things that would automatically get a water-skin from a bag and drink it when it saw the text “You are thirsty”.  It was fairly easy to set up these Triggers as they are called.  And I had a few macro’s for automatically talking on the different channels in the MUD (formation talk, say, Yell, shout, dream) but I never got into the more hardcore stuff.  And after many years of playing and growing as I have in what OS’s I run, I needed to broaden my horizons for a Linux client.  Something awesome that would let me script some complex things but still be easy to use.  So after a lot of searching I found Tiny Fugue (tf for short).  Its a light weight client that has a robust scripting language and can be run via screen which is awesome.  This meant I could install it on one of my servers and setups a screen session and just let it run.  I could stay connected with a keep alive script if I needed to idle in game for a bit.  Not to be abused mind you but when you have been camping the top floor of the Verity for 2 hours waiting for an angle to spawn so you can kill for the courage mark, you don’t want to let that slip away because you timed out while making a sandwich.  And all of this was lost when I suffered a double drive failure on my web-server where I was running tf from.  And of course I didn’t back any of it up.  That would of been responsible.  So I have slowly been rebuilding my script directory.  Most of it consists of the same time consuming searching of old forums related to MUDs or trying to pick apart code from scripts made by other people in other MUDs.  I did catch a  break in one respect.  Several months ago I wanted to see how my old clan was doing so while at work I searched and found thier forums.  And it turns out I had posted several of my scripts there.  Most importantly was my ship sailing script with some automated actions like equipping the title to your ship when you board it and several macros for listing/creating ship marks.  And all sailing can be done with the numpad.  This means I can kill pirates with less risk of doing something stupid or misspelling a command at a vital moment in the fight.

So anyway.  Most of my current scripts are either entirely someone elses or someone made something I liked and I cut it apart to suit me needs.  So I will eventually post my sailing script and any others I make once I get all the kinks worked out.

Exalted Character Concept: Eclipse Caste

This is a rough, rough idea for an Eclipse caste PC for an Exalted game I might play in.  I will post a fleshed out concept as well as some specifics about the character when I have them done.

I am the son of wealthy family who produced and exported exotic fragrances and exquisite alcholic beverages across the land.  My family was framed by a group of nobleman and royal who secretly are trying to privatize all trade so they can set pricing across the entire land and can effectively manipulate the economy as they see fit.  They framed my father, stating he was manufacturing poisons for some unnamed guild of assassins or something equally preposterous.  There was never any evidence and no charges where officially presented but the rumors where enough to hurt our business enough to the point where my father was forced to sell at a fraction of what it was worth.  My father killed himself shortly after and I have been taking care of my mother and living off the money we were given for the sale of our company for the last three years.  The money wont last for ever and my need for vengeance is to great so I have joined with a thief and I attempt to make a profit from stealing.  Always on the lookout for companies that could be owned by the men who ruined my family and trying to rob them blind.  My epic quest is to ruin all of them financially.

Spec Ops, or How To Play Battletech With A Battalion

Spec Ops is a sweet book.  I will admit I have only skimmed it but there are some cool rules for large scale Battletech games in there.  I am currently trying to get the time to site down and pick a battalion sized force to face off against a buddy of mine who runs (or SHOULD BE RUNNING!!!!) our Battletech RPG game.  I came up with 630 points as our pool for purchasing units and I think it should make things interesting.  I will try and take some picks when we actually get to playing but it might be a week or two since I am starting a new job next week.


Pic is related as it is titled Spec Ops as well as it is super awesome.  The guy who drew it is named FlyingDebris and he does a lot of Battletech stuff and is worth checking out.  Here is a link to his profile on

My new hobby

I recently took up lockpicking again. I had tried my hand at it a while ago and never had much success at it. After being at it again, I have learned my two main downfalls when I had attempted it a year or two ago. My first and biggest mistake was not using real tools. I thought I could get by using a bent paperclip as a tension wrench and a cheap large diamond pick I picked up somewhere. To rectify this I bought a fairly cheap southord 8 piece set. This gave me a nice small diamond and short hook. There were real tension wrenches and an S rake and city rake. Having real tension wrenches helps greatly as you can better feel the feedback from pins. This becomes very importand when you begin to encounter security pins. These nasty buggers are top pins (in real nasty locks the bottom pins can also be security pins) that have notches to make you think the pin is set at the shear line or ledges that produce a false set or a combo of both.

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Uber Enforcer Design

Ok so currently in my groups Battletech campaign I drive an Enforcer (ENF -4R) which serves me well.  It currently is missing massive amounts of armor since we just finished an assault on Aries to destroy a supply depot, a mech facility and a mountain side security outpost. My current Enforcer is configured as seen below the break.  If I was rich like one of my noble born compatriots (who’s wife is trying to kill him) I would configure my baby as seen waaayyyy past the break.

PS. I just bought an old sculpt enforcer to to be my new mini during mech combat. so I plan on trying to do that mini and the mini for my character when out of my mech at the same time. I’ll put some pics up eventually when they are done.

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