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Spec Ops, or How To Play Battletech With A Battalion

Spec Ops is a sweet book.  I will admit I have only skimmed it but there are some cool rules for large scale Battletech games in there.  I am currently trying to get the time to site down and pick a battalion sized force to face off against a buddy of mine who runs (or SHOULD BE RUNNING!!!!) our Battletech RPG game.  I came up with 630 points as our pool for purchasing units and I think it should make things interesting.  I will try and take some picks when we actually get to playing but it might be a week or two since I am starting a new job next week.


Pic is related as it is titled Spec Ops as well as it is super awesome.  The guy who drew it is named FlyingDebris and he does a lot of Battletech stuff and is worth checking out.  Here is a link to his profile on

Mini Construction…

Ok, so I have alot of unpinned minis that I need to put together and paint.  But I am currently focusing on my Battletech Mechs as well as some minis appropriate for use in the RPG portion of BTech.  Here is a pic of my mini contruction area.  Its alot more room than I had a few weeks ago.  I cleaned out a stack of game boxes and those paints and sculpting tools used to be in a box that took up a shit load of space.  I will provide some pics of the construction process when I get a chance.  Their after the break.

Mech Bay

Here's where the magic happens.

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My Poor Locust

My Locust is currently a smoking pile of useless crap.  I don’t want to go into to much detail but either the Maskirovka (who is hunting me for reason I care not to get into) found me using my true identity and traced the last name back to my family and thier factory in the Outworlds Alliance, killed them and stole my old Locust, sending it to me as a little message.  Or,  my mother and father learned where I was (my dad was always resourcefull) and sent me the Locust to cheer me up.  What has me frightened is that there was no note associated with it.  It was just sitting at a space port in the St. Ives Compact waiting for me when we arrived in system for a meeting with Justin Allard about a covert support possition as a St. Ives unit were we would assist with an assault on Aries.  After thoroughly scanning for explosives and A/V equipment, I have decided to go about finding a replacement engine (or salvaging one from anyone unlucky enough to let me kill them).  If I had my way as well as unlimited resources -Err… any resources for that matter- I would configure her as seen below the break.

I leave you with a conversation I had as Lester McDougan, my Battletech character, while riding in a cab prior to shipping out to Aries for some heavy combat against some mean Liao forces.

Lester – “Hey Driver!  Where can I buy an axe?”

Cabbie – “What type of axe sir?”

Lester – “You know… for people!”

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Uber Enforcer Design

Ok so currently in my groups Battletech campaign I drive an Enforcer (ENF -4R) which serves me well.  It currently is missing massive amounts of armor since we just finished an assault on Aries to destroy a supply depot, a mech facility and a mountain side security outpost. My current Enforcer is configured as seen below the break.  If I was rich like one of my noble born compatriots (who’s wife is trying to kill him) I would configure my baby as seen waaayyyy past the break.

PS. I just bought an old sculpt enforcer to to be my new mini during mech combat. so I plan on trying to do that mini and the mini for my character when out of my mech at the same time. I’ll put some pics up eventually when they are done.

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