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The quest for new boots

So I am looking at buying some new boots.  The brown leather Timberland’s I have had for three years are starting to get a little snug and am looking to get a wider measured shoe.  In comes my first choice, the Double-H 10″ Harness Boot in black.  They come in my size (13) and are offered in D, EE, and EEE.  For those of you who haven’t spent the last two days looking over size charts and width explanations, D is considered Medium width while E and up are considered Wide width.  Each additional E adds on a few millimeters to the width.  The Double-H Harness boots that I am looking to get are made of Longhorn Leather and have a Goodyear welt on the base of the boot just under the rubber sole.  This allows the boot to be re-soled without risk of it losing its shape.  This means they will be with me for many years to come.

I plan on purchasing these once I get paid from my new job. So probably around the middle of November. If I get the sizing right they should be awesome.

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Argg! FEDEX sucks

Ok so I was expecting an order today and low and behold FedEx updates the tracking information with “Customer not available or business closed”. Bullshit. My house has 7 cars outside and about 16 people inside and we weren’t available? I call BS! Unless he knocked on the door with rainbows and snuggles instead of knuckles like everyone else I know uses, we would of signed and I would have my package. As it currently goes, I wont have it until the 26th. My rage meter is currently at 87%.

Weekend dnd

Just us playing some of that good old fashioned dnd.

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I’m a strong man!!!


CPU Fan Blues :(

Well, I transfered GibbTV into the new case that arrived Monday. I made everything nice and pretty on the inside of the case and then reconnected the power and other assorted cables. But to my dismay the system board decides that the CPU isn’t properly cooled and proceeded to shut down. I immediately knew the reason for this erratic behavior and flipped “shit”. The CPU originally used a large 90mm fan mounted to the back of the old Media Center case in conjunction with a plastic guard to funnel air directly away from the aluminum heat sink on top of the CPU. That 90mm fan plugged directly into the CPU fan “pins” on the system board and they made a big happy family. Now I go and replace that 90mm fan with 2x 60mm fans mounted 2 inches from the CPU using the power supply as their power source and all hell breaks loose. Read the rest of this entry »